How To Find The Best Web Hosting Service For Your Business?

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Nowadays, if you want your business to be successful amidst a competitive environment, it is necessary to have a website of your own. It is no more a choice, but an essential component of a business. But, building a good website and maintaining the same is not an easy task, especially for small businesses and startups. It requires the help of skilled web designers, web hosting support and digital marketing team to make your website live and running all the time.

Here, let’s discuss finding the best web hosting service, which is the most important element for running a website. For choosing the best service, you must know these three key points:

  • What a web hosting service really offers
  • Which hosting will be suitable for your business
  • What features to look for in a web hosting service

What a web hosting service really offers?

Just building a website and adorning it with beautiful images and content doesn’t make it visible to the public. For that, you should hire space on the internet, which is exactly what the hosting providers will do for you. They will give a platform for your website to remain active and visible to the public. This process is called ‘hosting’ and it is usually done on physical infrastructure known as ‘servers’. The storage space, bandwidth, and security of your website depend on the quality of these servers.

Your service provider will also offer you a ‘domain name’ that is the name users search on their browser to access your website. This will be your identity and helps a lot in website branding. A good service provider will help you to choose a perfect domain name as per your service and that will create a high rating for your website.

Which type of hosting will be suitable for your business?

There are different types of hosting available in the market. These include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and managed hosting to name a few. You must understand the difference between them to select the apt type for your business.

For example, shared hosting will be suitable for small businesses as it involves a single server being shared by many websites. So, the availability of resources like storage and speed will be low and also the cost involved. But a dedicated server is given exclusively for a website or to store the business data of a company like domains, emails, apps, etc. This is very costly and will be suitable only for large scale businesses.

A cloud hosting on the other hand combines the benefits of both. It allows your website to be stored on multiple servers that act as a ‘cloud’. Thus, you can scale up or down the resources as per requirement and need to pay only for the resources used.

What all features to look for in a web hosting service?

The features that each provider gives you will vary a lot. If you are in search of the best managed cloud computing services in Kochi, the following points will help you to identify the same.

Storage: This is the most essential criterion as the performance of your website depends greatly on the storage space available. If your website is expected to witness huge traffic, always select a hosting provider that offers unlimited storage.

Bandwidth: A website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds will lose half of its traffic as per statistics. So, high traffic sites like eCommerce websites should go for a plan that gives unlimited bandwidth.

Uptime: If your website remains down or shows a “404 error” every time a user clicks it, it will have a substantial impact on your ROI.

Add-ons: Some hosting providers will give you additional features like SSL certificate, domain name, and migration free of cost. Also, there are attractive features like daily backups, advanced control panel, and malware detection provided by many hosting companies to support their clients.

Service: Make sure that your service provider offers 24/7 support and maintenance service without any delay. As technical issues may occur at any time, efficient service ensures complete protection for your website.

Best managed hosting support Today, it’s not difficult to find a hosting service provider for your website. But, to identify the best service, you will need to have a basic idea about various types and features of hosting. You must also analyze which hosting will be most suitable for your business. So, if you are planning for a new website in 2021 and wish to find the best managed cloud computing services in Kochi, analyze every aspect keenly and choose the right service that gives you the best.

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