Docker is a containerization platform, and Kubernetes is a container orchestrator for container platforms like Docker. Kubernetes provides highly resilient infrastructure with zero downtime deployment capabilities, automatic rollback, scaling, and self-healing of containers. Kubernetes is portable in nature as it can run on various public or private cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack etc. It can also run on bare metal machines.

Advantages of Containers

Containers have an extremely small footprint compared to traditional VMs. The container just needs its application and a definition of all of the binaries and libraries it requires to run. Unlike VMs which each have a complete copy of a guest operating system, container isolation is done on the kernel level without the need for a guest operating system. In addition, libraries can be across containers. Allowing for applications to become encapsulated in self-contained environments allows for quicker deployments, closer parity between development environments, and infinite scalability..

Our Docker and Kubernetes Support includes

Docker Development  
Docker and Kubernetes Deployment
Kubernetes CI/CD Pipeline
Automation using Jenkins
Cross Platform Kubernetes Deployment
Load Balancing and Auto Scaling for Kubernetes Clusters
Kubernetes Security Analysis